Eastern New Mexico University | Computer Science Club

Updates and News:

<2020-08-21>: Managed to delete the main CSS file, luckily had a similar site up so not all hope was lost. Looking to add calendar prior to deadline, added logo, and adjusted layout of the main page.

<2020-06-01>: Added Liberapay button for recurring donations, cleaned website up a bit

<2020-05-31>: Gopher server is up and running. If using a Web Browser such as Firefox or Chrome, you can use the Overbite addon. However, since Gopher is text-only, and doesn't have any addons that HTML uses such as CSS, JS, PHP, etc., a text browser such as links, elinks, or lynx would probably benefit you the most this way. The Gopher hole is located in the Menu bar.

<2020-05-29>: External CSS issue resolved, next steps will be to ensure we have a slot in the ENMU server room with network connectivity, a domain name pointed to us, getting PayPal set up for donations from the community (Which would be awesome to show at volunteer events)

<2020-05-28>: Issues server related will be getting the gopher page up (gopher://hl521.me/), porting to a new official school server, and getting GitLab running for version control. Mercurial (Hg) seems to be running well. Ping me for info on acquiring an account via discord direct messages please!